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Apple’s iPhone 5s hit the market in September of 2013. With increased security options and upgrades such as the A7 dual-core processor and the new iOS 7 software, the iPhone 5s allowed users to accomplish daily tasks on the go. In fact, the iPhone 5s became so popular that it was the best selling mobile phone on all U.S. carriers during the month of its release. If your iPhone 5s is damaged and slowing you down, view CPR Cell Phone Repair’s do-it-yourself repair guides below. We have step-by-step instructions to solve some of the most common iPhone 5s problems.

We fix it all

  • iPhone 5s Battery
  • iPhone 5s Unlocking Operator
  • iPhone 5s Charging port
  • iPhone 5s Ear Speaker
  • iPhone 5s SIM Card Tray
  • iPhone 5s SIM Card Reader
  • iPhone 5s Rear Camera
  • iPhone 5s Loud Speaker
  • iPhone 5s Wifi
  • iPhone 5s Earphone Jack
  • iPhone 5s Cracked Screen
  • iPhone 5s Water Damage
  • iPhone 5s Microphone