In a world where people are buried in their smartphones and tablets, it has become increasingly difficult to connect face-to-face. Perhaps this is why online dating has become such a popular way to meet people in recent years. But after spending so much time engulfed in our technology, it has come to researchers’ attention that we now factor

Whether you know it or not, your smartphone and some of your applications could be passively tracking your location. For GPS-based apps, like Google Maps or Foursquare, location tracking is obvious and necessary, but others, like Airbnb, can leave you scratching your head as to why they are tracking your whereabouts.

The long awaited and anticipated Google Pixel is finally on the market and seems to live up to all the hype of its release. In our Google Pixel review, CPR Cell Phone Repair’s professional experts examine the features of the new device, from the battery life to the phone’s unique features.

The past few years have born a plethora of highly intelligent personal devices—from the much anticipated Google Pixel smartphone to affordable drones we can play with at home. Now, it’s time our tech accessories followed suite. Below are some of CPR Cell Phone Repair’s favorite, complimentary gadgets for your smartphone or tablet. 

Fingerprint scanners have developed into the alternative to memorizing infinite logins, passwords, and passcodes. These scanners aren’t just for select smartphones anymore. Even reasonably priced devices offer this additional security hardware. While scanners are likely to become more and more commonly used in the future,